Xbox 1/360/classic, Nintendo 3DSiXL/Wii U, PlayStation 4, PS 3 Slim – All these game consoles are fixed at our Ukwiderepair centre, from the experts of the console repairing industry. Be it, HDMI port issue, hard drive problem, overheating, freezing, irregular disc ejection, BLOD, RLOD, Kinnect fault, software malfunction or any type of hardware breakage. We have a huge stock of accessories and quality parts, which we incorporate in your gaming consoles whenever required.

We provide a 1-year warranty on all replaced parts and to the repair service which is carried out on the console to have you a worry free gaming experience on your repaired console.

Select your console brand, model and the fault issue to be fixed by us. You have to make the payment and we will send you the confirmation mail instantly and initiate your console repair process.

  • Nintendo Repair

    Nintendo Repair

    Nintendo DSi, DSi XL, 2DS, 3DSi, 3DSi XL, Wii, Wii U models are fixed speedily at our centre in very cost-effective charges. Nintendo repair issues in Analog Stick, Button, reading issue, screen replacement, touch screen fault, error codes, etc. are fixed by experts with a warranty, so that you can Enjoy Long Lasting Gaming Experience.
  • PlayStation Repair

    PlayStation Repair

    Sony PlayStation 2, 4 and PS3 Slim console's repair and replacement problems are fixed by trained technicians. Our Sony PS repair services are very fast and are done in very competitive charges. BLOD, Hard Drive, Diagnosis, Power Off issue, Firmware, HDMI Port issues are repaired efficiently with precision. Warranty is also provided on both replaced parts and repair service so that you can have a NON-STOP ENTERTAINMENT.
  • PSP Repair

    PSP Repair

    Sony PlayStation models - PSP, PSP Vita, PSP1, PSP2 are repaired in no time at our centre. We are expert in the game console repairing industry and can fix all Sony PlayStation repair issues satisfactorily in Charging Port, LCD Screen, Button, etc. A 12-month warranty is provided on the replaced parts and on the repair service performed.
  • Xbox Repair

    Xbox Repair

    Xbox console repair service for models - Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Classic is carried out effectively at our repair centre. Faults in Hard drive, HDMI Socket, Display issue, Power Off, Disc Reading, hardware/software, etc. are repaired at very reasonable cost by our experienced technicians. We offer a fixed period warranty on replacing damaged parts and also on the repair service performed to have you a longer & better gaming experience.