iMac, iPad, iPod, MacBook, iPhone repair in affordable price. A wide range of Apple repair & replacement services, from diagnostics to complex motherboard fault procedures, all fixed by our highly experienced technicians. A 12-month warranty is provided on replaced parts and repair services. We also provide Postal repair order services throughout the UK.

Our online repair service system is fast and easy to use. Just select your choice of Apple devices, then model and then the issue your Apple device is having. Next, make the payment. You will get a confirmation mail, once payments are complete.

  • iMac Repair

    iMac Repair

    iMac repair issues listed below are fixed by experienced Professionals and returned to you in the best working condition. We use Grade A parts for all types of replacement purpose and a fixed period warranty is provided on part & repair service. We value your money and work with lots of precision to fix all iMac fault issues perfectly.
  • iPad Repair

    iPad Repair

    iPad screen, button, battery, charging port repair/replacement or just a diagnostic service needed? We are providing a comprehensive fixing solution for below-listed iPad models at very reasonable prices. Get our QUICK, QUALITY & WARRANTIED iPad repair service now!
  • iPhone Repair

    iPhone Repair

    iPhone repair and replacement services for the screen, battery, hardware & software, etc. are done at a fast rate and in affordable charges. For all below given iPhone models, Grade A parts are used to replace any damaged/faulty part, which carries a 12-month warranty along with the repair service.
  • iPod Repair

    iPod Repair

    iPod 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Gen models are fixed effortlessly with a warranty on parts replaced & repair services. Complete repair and replacement services related to a front screen, charging ports, speaker, battery, software malfunction, etc. are done at very low costs. iPod repair orders through Postal services are also undertaken. Get BEST iPod repair service from us because we believe in “Music Should Never Stop”!
  • MacBook Repair

    MacBook Repair

    MacBook Air series, Pro series, Retina Display Pro Series notebook is broken or facing fault issues? If it’s out of Applecare (warranty period), it may cost you a lot! We provide you a very cost-effective MacBook repair and replacement service for liquid damage, display screen issues, battery, keyboards, ports, etc. Quality Service is provided to you at Mac-speed!